So far in only five years I have created and taught seven undergraduate level classes (taught to ~500 students) in diverse topics such as Ecology and Evolution in the Galapagos, Biology for Engineers, Introduction to Tropical Botany, Systematic and Evolutionary Botany, Plant Ecology, Weed Ecology, and Native Invasive plants of the Galapagos.

I am also currently participating in two other graduate level classes that are tailored for international students, also fully taught in English, and created to teach Tropical Field Biology and Biotic Elements to Master students in field settings like the Galapagos and the Amazonia. Both classes are taught within Master programs that I helped created, the former for University of Amsterdam students and the later for the USFQ-Galapagos program. This last project in particular is a Professional Master’s program that was developed to aid Galapagos professionals from different backgrounds to achieve graduate level tools for the management and conservation of this tropical archipelago.

In total I have taught more than 30 classes in five years as a Associate Professor at USFQ.