Tree dynamics and monitoring in Yasuní National Park

1). In collaboration with Toni Di Fiore from U of Texas and Andres Link from Uniandes, we are collecting long-term data to assess tree growth, phenology and mortality (among others) in the megadiverse region of Yasuní in the Ecuadorian Amazonia, to investigate how monkey distributions are affected by these forest conditions. We are using drones technology to measure some of the variables mentioned before, in addition to others such as tree height and productivity, in a multiyear fashion in order to establish a monitoring platform of canopy species in this forest under TBS-USFQ management.

2). Additionally, Im starting to assess how from high-definition images generated by drones, we can identify tree species in this Amazonian region. These type of analyses will be explored during my visit this summer 2017 to University of Goettingen-Germany, to work as visiting scholar in Dr. Cristoph Kleinn and Dr. Holger Kreft‘s laboratories. We will also start a new project using infra red sensors installed in our drones to analyze how biomass and carbon sequestration is changing or not among the three main ecosystems in Yasuní.

3.To complement part of the monitoring projects for this area, I am also collaborating now with to re-meassure long term 1-ha plots established in the Tiputini station that are part of this worldwide tropical monitoring network.