Students/Lab Members

Academic mentoring. Since I have my full-time professor appointment at USFQ, I have directly mentored five undergrad students and graduated my first Masters student in 2017. I am also currently advising one PhD student and four MSc. students from University of Amsterdam.

image.pngGabriela Zambrano, Stefanie Proaño, Karen Asencio, Pacarina Asadobay y Génesis Vinueza. Not in the picture, Andrielle Reascos. G. Rivas-Torres copyright 2018.

Current graduate students:

Ximena Herrera, PhD.(Universidad de Navarra-Ecuador). Thesis title: Ecological and forestry evaluation of timber species in the Amazonia. Status: initial stages.

Sophie Timmerman. MSc. (University of Amsterdam-Netherlands). Thesis title: Using drones to assess abundance and body mass of Galapagos marine iguanas. Status: initial stages.

 Graduated Students:

Rotem Ziber.MSc.(University of Amsterdam-Netherlands). Thesis title: A Comprehensive Invasive Potential Risk Assessment of the Naturalized Galápagos Flora.Status: Graduated in Fall 2019.

Cas Verbeek. MSc.(University of Amsterdam-Netherlands). Thesis title: Current and Future Climatic Habitat Suitability Distributions of Naturalized and Invasive Plant Species on the Galápagos. Status: Graduated in Fall 2019.

Robin EkelschotMSc.(University of Amsterdam-Netherlands). Thesis title: Comparative naturalized flora of the Galapagos. Status: Graduated in Fall 2019.

Current undergraduate students:

Genesis Vinueza, BSc. (USFQ-Ecuador). Use of genetic markers to understand Cedrela odoratainvasion to the Galapagos. Status: Status: Graduated in Spring 2020.

Andrielle Reascos, BSc. (USFQ-Ecuador). Using drones to monitor coastal fauna in Galapagos. Expected graduation: Status: Graduated in Spring 2020.

Pacarina Asadobay, BSc. (USFQ-Ecuador). Use of genetic markers to understand Cedrela odoratapopulations connectivity in Ecuador. Graduated in December 2019.

Gabriela Zambrano, BSc. (USFQ-Ecuador). Using satellite images and traditional methods to quantify biomass and carbon in an Inter-Andean dry valley. Graduated in December 2019.

Karen Ascencio, BSc. (USFQ-Ecuador). Thesis title: Tri-trophic interactions of introduced species promoting the success of invasive plants. Graduated in December 2018.

Andrea Almeida, MSc. (USFQ-Ecuador). Comparative assessment of the floristic composition of herbaceous and bush-dominated vegetation in an altitudinal range in the northeastern Ecuadorian Andes. Graduated in December 2017.