Students/Lab Members

My lab has now six undergrad students in this picture from left to right:

image.pngGabriela Zambrano, Stefanie Proaño, Karen Asencio, Pacarina Asadobay y Génesis Vinueza. Not in the picture, Andrielle Reascos.

Gabriela is studying how satellite images can help us measuring carbon fixed in andean forests. Stefanie is using microsatellites from a Miconia plant species occurring in the mega diverse Yasuní National Park-Ecuadorian Amazonia to perform parental analyses in order test Janzen-Connell hypothesis. Karen is analyzing how some introduce insects are helping plants to become invasive in Galapagos. Pacarina and Genesis are also using microsatellites to analyze connectivity among populations of  the tree Cedrela odorata in the native (continental Ecuador)  and introduced (Galapagos) ranges. Finally, Andrielle is using high-resolution drone images to count marine iguanas and sea lions in Galapagos, to test the efficiency of these aircrafts for wildlife monitoring

Past Members

Andrea Almeida MSc. thesis. Plant community changes in an altitudinal gradient in Ecuadorian Andean slopes.