Tropical Ecology in Ecuador

This web page is intended to present the work in Tropical Ecology and Conservation that I am doing in my  position as an Associate Professor and Researcher at USFQ. As a parallel objective also, the information presented here is to create links between Ecuadorian scientists and researchers from all over the world interested in collaborating and knowing about our work.

As a result of more than 18 years working in tropical areas, nine of those in Galapagos, and learning first-hand about their ecological and conservation related complexities, I presently have a well-defined, interdisciplinary, very collaborative, and recognized research agenda in important regions like the iconic Galapagos National Park and the megadiverse Yasuní Biosphere Reserve (YBR) in the Amazon. This research agenda and expertise concentrates in three primary areas: Biological Invasions and Restoration, Plant Biogeography and Ecology, and Conservation and Management. I also use herbarium records, molecular tools, technological platforms (unmanned aerial vehicles-UAVs), Geographic Information Systems, and spatially explicit modelling as complements to obtain higher-impact and efficient results.

I am also personally interested in two debates: first how we can use available scientific data to achieve better and more effective conservation practices in my country and second, discussing about  the future of biodiversity in our changing world. The sections in this web page are dedicated to show these interests that are the main core of my research agenda.

More about my present position at USFQ here